No Worm Gear Clamps

“EVERYBODY IN AMERICA learns their swear words from helping their dad take off worm gear clamps.” These are the words of Tim Magagna, one of the business owners of TKO Clamping Systems in Pocatello. This statement allowed Tim to see an innovative opportunity to create a new type of clamp—one that is an American-made, custom fit. These clamps combat the worm gear clamp in cars, which has been around since the 1920s and is well known for its difficulty taking off. The TKO clamps are functional and easy to use, and can even be personalized with inscriptions and different colors.

Tim and his business partners, Stan Caldwell and James Wren, are in the process of patenting the idea, getting the business running, and gaining recognition has taken a decade long. Through hard work, they have churned out these clamps that can be used not just for cars, but garden hoses, ski poles, roll bars, and on. For those interested in easy-to-use, custom-made clamps, visit

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8 Responses to “No Worm Gear Clamps”


    <strong>How do you tighten this? Just squeeze together? I can't get a good enough view on my phone camera of the picture. Thx

  2. trains1218

    I just visited their web site at with no problem ta all. Nice stuff that I'm likely to buy.

  3. retrofabrication

    Very clean looking clamps.

  4. John

    I am 78 years old and have worked with `worm gear clamps' at least 66 years of my life and I have hardly ever had any problem with `worm gear clamps'. My hobby is working on old cars so I deal with `worm gear clamps' all the time. John

  5. Don

    They look great. Need to check out more. Just wounding how tite they can get. Need to make sure they do not leak under pressure.

  6. Gary

    Awsome looking clamps. Where can we get them?



  8. Tim Magagna

    Wow - thank you very much for printing this on us. Very appreciative. Sincerely - the guys from TKO Clamping Systems.