Power Cowl Vent

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Do you want to add A/C but keep your cowl vent? Or would you just like to eliminate the bulky under the dash mechanism that operates it? Rocky Hinge Inc. is proud to introduce our newly redesigned Power Cowl Vent. They started with a more powerful motor, upgraded the rod end for smoother operation and simplified the wiring harness.

The Rocky Hinge Power Cowl Vent system operates in Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise directions to open and close your cowl vent with the touch of a finger. They have also incorporated a micro switch that shuts off the motor when the vent is completely closed. Rock Hinge Products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

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4 Responses to “Power Cowl Vent”

  1. CHUCK

    looks like it would be a great item for cars that have a cowl vent. my 40 buick could it.

  2. Terry Lane

    I'm interested in one of those for my 1940 Ford sedan. I have air conditioning ducting under the dash so it may not fit.

  3. Sayward shepard

    $$$$$$& .???

  4. Tom Barto

    This remote cowl vent opener is just what I need for my '38 Dodge Brothers sedan.