Proprietary Fastener Assembly Lube

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Critical fasteners such a main, head or rod bolt should always be lubricated when installed. A lubricant reduces the impact that friction has on the torque reading and the fastener’s ability to reach the required preload — especially in the first few tightening cycles. ARP’s solution is their new Ultra-Torque Assembly Lube.

To develop the lube, ARP built a sophisticated torque-tension apparatus that provides consistent and repeatable tightening routines to evaluate different lubricants, such as engine oil or moly. ARP engineers then crunched all the data and the outcome is their own Ultra-Torque.

Ultra-Torque will provide the engine builder between 95 and 100 percent of all ARP’s recommended installation preloads on the first pull without cycling the fasteners. It’s also designed to maintain within five percent of the installation preload on all remaining cycles, thereby ensuring consistent and repeatable housing and cylinder dimensions.

Ultra-Torque has a 360-degree melting point, prevents rust and corrosion and prevents galling and seizing.

Note that in applications where a fastener hole protrudes into a water jacket, ARP recommends using its Thread Sealer on the threads to prevent leakage and Ultra Torque under the bolt or nut (with studs) shoulders to reduce friction.

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