Route 9 Universal Wiring System

Route 9 Wiriong system

The Route 9 Universal Wiring System is the newest addition to the American Autowire growing line of universal wiring systems designed for builders requiring basic electrical system functionality. Taking the design cues from their Highway 22 and Highway 15 kits, American Autowire has developed an entry-level kit that provides a complete vehicle electrical solution in a compact, “bulletproof” package. This is the perfect wiring solution for hot rods, rat rods, or any vehicle requiring a basic, full-function electrical system. Complete, full-color instructions are included with each kit to “Make Wiring THAT Easy”.

Important features of the kit include:

  • New compact ATO-Style fuse panel featuring Battery, Ignition and Accessory power busses.
  • ll high amperage output circuits incorporate the same superior spring steel reinforced terminals that are used in our Highway Series wiring systems.
  • The fuse panel and wire connections are labeled to identify all circuits by description and their respective fuse ratings.
  • Circuit wiring uses superior insulation that is color-coded and printed at 3-inch intervals with a circuit description.
  • The combination turn signal/hazard flasher mounted on the panel supports LED lighting for front and rear directional lights and dash turn signal indicator lights.
  • Horn relay mounted inline on the harness.
  • Steering column wiring supports any user-specified turn signal switch.
  • Instrument Cluster wiring is included for oil, water, fuel, voltmeter, and tachometer gauges. Wiring is also included for directional and high beam headlight indicators.
  • Engine wiring includes feeds for the coil, oil pressure sender, water temperature sender, tachometer, starter, alternator, and distributor.
  • Main power to the fuse panel and power output from the alternator are supplied through a heavy gauge feed and fusible link protection.
  • Extra-long wire lengths allow for custom wire routing.
  • Front lighting includes extra long leads that can be routed for stock or custom appearances of the headlight, parking light, and directional light leads. Dimmer switch wiring is identified. Headlight connectors and terminals are included.
  • Rear body lighting accommodates turn signal, license light, and brake lights with long length wires that allow for original or custom routing.
  • Sender lead wires are provided for electric fuel tank sender units.
  • Optional add-on kits are available for use with the Route 9 kit as follows:

  • 500341 – GM headlight switch complete with connector and terminals
  • 500456 – Dash mounted ignition switch complete with connector and terminals
  • 500042 – Floor mounted dimmer switch
  • 500286 – Floor dimmer switch connector and terminals
  • 500257 – GM column mounted ignition switch connector set with terminals
  • 500204 – GM HEI distributor ignition power connector and terminal
  • 500205 – GM HEI distributor tachometer connector and terminal
  • 500428 – GM Steering column turn signal switch connectors and terminals (accommodates both 3 7/8 and 4 1/4 inch connectors)
  • 510644 – Electronic speedometer connection kit with connectors and terminals
  • The Route 9 Universal Wiring System is part number 510625. The Retail price will be $249.00.

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    6 Responses to “Route 9 Universal Wiring System”

    1. Mark

      I need replace the wiring on a 1965 gmc 1/2 ton. No a/c, no power locks or windows. Just the basics. Can you recommend a wiring harness kit ? Thanks

      • Customer Service

        Hello Mark,

        There are so many good kits on the market it’s hard to choose.

        I have most recently used kits from Ron Francis ( as they’ve always worked well for me and have provided good technical assistance when needed.

        But look around there may be a kit that offers advantages I am not aware of.

        Wrench Safe,

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    2. Barry

      I have 3 projects I’m working on and electrical is always my kryptonite…
      I have wiring needs for;
      1.) 1992 Chevy K2500 6.5 turbo diesel –
      4X4 with electronic hubs and the 80L automatic transmission

      2.) 1987 Firebird – this is a base car and the engine headgasket is blown (engine probably too)
      I am planning to upgrade the engine and transmission with something that doesnt sound like rubber bands

      3.) 1966 Corvette Coupe – L36 427 engine with factory AC and I believe has a non-matching power glide (pretty sure it should be a M20 Muncie). This is being reborn in its original stock condition & is a pretty easy and basic car but does have the solid state ignition.

      I have other cars i play with as well, Ford HD-F250 with the 7.3 V8 diesel and Banks Turbo setup, & also a Dodge Neon, Chrysler Intrepid, Mazada MPV – these all have minor wiring issues.

      • Customer Service

        Hi, Barry. Judging by your list of rides you’re working on it’s surprising you have any spare time. But the good news is all of the cars you mentioned have excellent factory electrical systems, and I would certainly not consider switching to an aftermarket system. Many cars built before the mid-sixties however can benefit from an electrical system upgrade. In fact, many cars built in the fifties and earlier have few electrical circuits and in some cases “NO fuses”. This makes upgrading the electrical system a safety issue, not only when driving the car but when it is parked as well. Tracking down electrical problems can be a real pain, regardless of the year of car. And when you throw in intermittent electrical problems that seem to fix themselves then return later, the frustration level is only compounded. Starting with a good wiring diagram, a multi-meter and a test light, most electrical problems on classic cars can be found and repaired. However, newer cars may require a good Scan Tool, to find the source of your electrical woes. That ’66 Big Block, air conditioned, ‘Vette is a rare car indeed and with little doubt will turn plenty of heads when completed. While the Turbo Diesel should have enough torque to pull your whole stable down the road. Best of luck with your projects and be sure to send us pics to the member rides page.

    3. James McClendon

      I have a 1956 ford convertible that is in paint now so I will be needing a wiring kit soon. Will you send me more information?

      • Customer Service

        Hi, James. This may not be the best wiring harness for your application. I would check out the ones offered by: or as they are direct-fit and specifically engineered for you application.