SBC 383 Stroker, 6.000" Rod Set

SBC 383 Stroker, 6.000

This new stroker rod set from Lunati® provides generous cam and block clearance without compromising rod strength.

The connecting rods of Chevrolet’s 383 stroker engines are notorious for making contact with the camshaft or block. Lunati’s new 6.000″ rod set features relocated cap bolts for increased block clearance and a rod redesigned to clear the biggest of cam lobes. High-strength ARP-2000 7/16″ bolts allow maximum clearance with a standard base circle cam, while Lunati’s H-beam design offers unbeatable strength. Developed exclusively for 383 strokers with 3.750″ stroke crankshafts, this Lunati Stroker Rod Sets comes properly sized and ready for installation. It offers the most clearance in the industry at an attractive, cost-effective price

Part Number: #70160003-8

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2 Responses to “SBC 383 Stroker, 6.000" Rod Set”

  1. Keith

    So what block do they fit into and can you convert a 350 block or does it has to be a bigger block?

  2. Jaime