Second Generation Camaro Wiring Harness

NewProd Image 33These new harnesses will replace the old and brittle 30+ year old wiring found in the second generation Camaros. Eighteen circuits give you everything you need, plus more, for connecting standard factory components as well as components from the abundant aftermarket that has grown with the popularity of these cars. These harnesses follow all of the same routing found on the factory harness which allows you to utilize the factory harness attachment points.

Each harness has a large 6-gauge charge wire to help accommodate those with upgraded charging systems with 125+ amp alternators. The harness/alternator is isolated from the battery through a 150 amp MIDI fuse (fuse holder, fuse and mounting hardware included). This means no fusible link to trace and re-splice if there is ever a major short in the system. All exterior lights (turn signals, marker lights, headlights etc.) have the correct sockets and bulbs pre-installed. You simply insert the socket into the lens, turn a ¼ turn and done.

A fully integrated ground circuit ties all of the grounds in the harness together and directly to the battery to help do away with the “pain” of tracing a faulty ground connection. Grounds are also present on the core support, behind the gauge cluster and the tail harness; in the same locations the factory grounds were located.

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3 Responses to “Second Generation Camaro Wiring Harness”

  1. Kenneth

    how to install 0n a68 chevy camaro

  2. Keith Jeffries

    Which is the best place to buy these wiring Harness

  3. gary r

    ihave been receiving how- to videos from HOT ROD CS. HOPEING THEY WOULD have some thing on 1949 mercs -that is my interest ( later suspension-installing a cad 500ci engine ) on a very limited budget. hopefully you will have something on that latter !