How many miles per gallon should someone expect from a ’68 Ford Shelby GT-500? Eric Wehner Goldbeach, OR


The majority of ’68 Shelby GT-500s came equipped with 428ci engines, but some had 427-inch versions. Both of these engines were healthy, and fuel economy was not what they were designed to excel at. With the 428 engines boasting 10.6:1 compression ratios and either a Toploader 4-speed or C6 automatic transmission, the 3,445 lb Shelby could expect to get between 9-11 mpg. These figures are based on conservative driving styles and the standard rear axle gearing (3.25:1 with the manual transmission, and 3.50:1 with the automatic.) We doubt too many were ever driven conservatively when new, but a restored example should be able to match these fuel economy figures today. Mark Simpson Managing Editor

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  1. Marvin Askins

    I have a 1967 GT350, 4 speed with a 3:89 rear and I have owned it since 1975. Then,as now , it gets 8 mpg! doesnot matter if I drive conservatively or "chirp" 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears. My 2014 GT500 Convertable with the Supercharged 5.8 (351) 6 speed with 3:31 gears gets 18.5 mpg when I drive it conservatively (shifting into 6th gear by 45 mph). However if I get on it on it a couplre of times it still gets about 12-15 mpg. Carbs vs Fuel injection.

  2. Butch maultsby

    SmIles for miles

  3. Rich

    FYI, no 68 Shelbys were shipped from the factory with a 427 engine. There was only 1 documented Shelby shipped from the factory with a 427 side-oiler -- it was a 67 and was nicknamed the Super Snake. Some customers who had engines replaced elected to have a 427 installed by the dealer but those were very few as it was an expensive engine. Some 68 GT500's did have 428CJ engines and they were called GT500KR's.

  4. Ken

    2007GT500 that I have owned since new, consistently gets 20 mpg plus…. My 68 Caddy however, has never done better than 8mpg. I posted this just for comparison. But I agree with earlier posters, much like owning a boat, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it!!

  5. Kevan R Hurd

    I owned a 68 Gt 500, 4 speed convertible, from 70 to78. It was truly an awesome car. Leaded premium was 17 cents a gallon and nobody cared about gas mileage! Cruising on Friday and Saturday nights, around Arlington Texas, you could literally see the gas gage go down, was not unusual to go through a whole tank. Probably averaged 8 to 9 mpg.

  6. Joe

    Where did you find this guy? If you ever asked a salesman that question in 68” his answer would son, this car is definitely not for you , and walk away!

  7. Wally F.

    Agree with Ed P. , Matt T. et al... Who cares. I had a 67 GT 350 ("with factory air") that had an appetite for Supper Shell or Sunoco 260 and gave me about 9 to 11 miles per gallon. The little high stung 289 should be rated in smiles per gallon. And yes...put a real deal photo up next time

  8. Matt Trummer

    Mark while I am yet to own one I tend to agree with that MPG, on a heavy foot I would estimate 5-8 MPG

  9. Raymond Stevens

    We have a 66 gt350 I’m trying to find a dash mount tach that matches the factory but works with aftermarket ignition. Can anybody here point me in the right direction?

  10. Joe