Traditional-Style Hot Rod Wire Wheels

Hot-rod-wire-powdercoated, 8/28/09, 2:47 AM,  8C, 6240x8825 (713+1830), 100%, Custom,  1/10 s, R73.1, G48.3, B65.9

Hot-rod-wire-powdercoated, 8/28/09, 2:47 AM, 8C, 6240×8825 (713+1830), 100%, Custom, 1/10 s, R73.1, G48.3, B65.9

No matter how you define the term “hot rod”, this type of vehicle needs a good-looking wheel and tire combination. Coker Tire has been supplying hot rodders with a great selection of tires for years, but most folks don’t realize Coker also offers a wide variety of wheels, not only for classic cars, but also for hot rods of all shapes and sizes. This line of Hot Rod wheels from Coker Tire includes Hot Rod Wire wheels, which are made in the USA by Roadster Wire Wheel.

Coker Tire offers its Hot Rod Wire wheels in many different sizes. You can mix and match them to your liking and pick out a set of tires to fit the theme. All of Coker Tire’s Hot Rod wheels feature four options for bolt patterns: 5 x 4-1/2, 5 x 4-3/4, 5 x 5 and 5 x 5-1/2. All Hot Rod Wire wheels from Coker Tire are available in primed or chrome-plated finish, but there is also the option for custom powder coating, with 12 available colors.

Hot Rod Wire wheels are available in a number of sizes from 14 to 20 inches in diameter, and widths from 3 to 10 inches. They’re an excellent option for cars built from ’28-48, but they fit other applications as well. Several center cap and trim ring options make this wheel versatile to many makes and models. It features a 52-spoke design that resembles the O.E. style wire wheels of yesteryear, with modern sizing options and bolt patterns to fit most applications. Hot Rod Wire wheels accept a ’32-35 Ford O.E. center cap.

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5 Responses to “Traditional-Style Hot Rod Wire Wheels”

  1. Joaquin Sablan

    Question : Do they make a multi- bolt pattern combo 5x4-1/2 and 5x43/4 on the Hot Rod Wire wheels

  2. ernie doktor

    i am looking for wheels that fit on a stock 1930 ford model A coupe HELP!!!!

  3. Daryltruter

    Hi I am wanting to buy some wire wheels 4.5 [114.3] x5 by 19” or 20” the space from the rear of the hub is 5.5” and hub to face is 3.5” I would like them to be 8 or 9” wide please could you make thes for me and price please

  4. richard

    would they fit a 1967 galaxy 500xl convertible....drums all around?

  5. Jael

    This is a classic geieunnly excellent evaluation for me, ought to acknowledge which you are between your greatest writers I actually saw.Thank you for writing this educational article.