Universal Cam Bearing Installation Kit



The Powerhouse® Universal Cam Bearing Installation Kit installs or removes cam bearings in any engine, from traditional pushrod platforms to specialized race blocks. Install or remove cam bearings from any engine block with one complete, universal kit from Powerhouse® Products. With five mandrels ranging in size from 1.125″ to 2.690″, the professional quality Powerhouse®Universal Cam Bearing Installation Kit contains everything needed to work with nearly any size or make of engine.

The kit’s expanding mandrels are neoprene covered to protect the inner surface of the bearings and prevent accidental grooving. A centering cone and extension rod are also included to give users everything needed to quickly and cleanly install or remove cam bearings.

Everything comes fitted in a hard plastic case to keep the kit’s components collected and safe during storage. If a part does get lost, Powerhouse® offers replacement components

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4 Responses to “Universal Cam Bearing Installation Kit”

  1. James Lee

    Where do you get one and how much does it cost.

  2. Roger Morazzano

    I haven't used one sure would like get one I'm getting ready to do my 1968 Olds 442

  3. Nat Gourley

    Very good information .

  4. Rex Lee Carpenter

    I use this same kit & since I have it's been a breeze to install the cam bearings. It works great. I had a different one for a few years but this one is heads above that one I had & the others I have used.