Valve Cover for Chevy Inline Six Cylinder Engines

Edelbrock Signature Series valve cove

Edelbrock has expanded its Signature Series valve cover line to now include 194-292 Chevrolet inline six cylinder engines.

The new Signature Series valve cover (#4477) is designed to fit 1962-88 (USA) & 1962-2001 (South America) 194-292 inline six cylinder engines. This valve cover has two stock-style baffled breather holes and a baffled PCV hole on the side of the cover. It also accepts all emissions equipment. Rubber grommets for the breather and PCV valve holes are included. Like the rest of Edelbrock’s Signature Series accessories, this new valve cover features a triple chrome-plated finish with a stamped Edelbrock logo. It has an overall height of 3.5” and will not work with cylinder heads with an integrated intake manifold.

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2 Responses to “Valve Cover for Chevy Inline Six Cylinder Engines”

  1. clifford julian

    do Edelbrock have a intake manifold for the 250 chevy inline six cylinders.

  2. Sergio

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