Vintage Looks with High Performance Starting

NewProd Image 40Powermaster Performance introduces the new Vintage Torque starter for Ford Flathead engines. The Vintage Torque keeps the appearance of a stock Flathead starter and uses a powerful, lightweight permanent magnet starter motor with low amperage draw. At less than 50% the weight of a stock Flathead starter, the Vintage Torque delivers 75% more cranking power.

With a 1.5kw motor, and 4.4:1 gear ratio, the Vintage Torque provides up to 160 ft lbs of cranking torque for better starting. Ball bearings provide longer, more reliable use than factory style bushings. Available with a ratchet type drive for longevity on high compression engines.

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9 Responses to “Vintage Looks with High Performance Starting”

  1. Rick Tamez

    please send a video on replacing a starter on a 1967 ford mustang. Thanks

  2. Larry Coren

    I have a 1941 lincoln Limo with the V12 engine the starter number comes up as a V8 starter is there a difference in the V8 And the V12 starter and will this one correct the not cranking or slow cranking issue I have now. New battery and all cables are correct and and tight

  3. CARY

    removal of starter on 46 flathead

  4. Ted O'Brien

    I need a 12v starter motor for my 1941 Lincoln Zephyr V12 (Flathead) I've had enough of the 6v ones. Can you help?

  5. JOHN

    Do you make a starter for 1937 V8 caddi

  6. Francis Bahantka

    Information on installation of starter in 1964 Triumph TR3 .

  7. jack charrin

    Is this high torque starter available for 1968 olds 442? Thanks

  8. bill

    Is this starter the same for a Lincoln V12? and what is the price? is it available in 6 or 12 volt?

  9. Adrian Sigali

    Hola,que costo tiene este articulo ? Flathead starter