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Bodywork, Motor Assembly & Interior Work Download


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Video Download: Bodywork, Motor Assembly & Interior Work

Ask many car enthusiasts and they’ll tell you the biggest task they take on in restoring a classic car is completing the body and paint. In this great video set, Brent Ackley demonstrates the process of stripping down his project ’56 Chevy, straightening the body, applying body fillers, sanding, priming and painting. With the body taking shape Ackley moves forward rebuilding the engine on his great ride. Additionally, the interior begins to take shape as his project gets closer to completion. 75 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • ’56 Chevy 150 Overview
  • Bodywork: Getting Started
  • Bodywork: Stripping & Plastic Filler
  • Bodywork: Primer
  • Bodywork: Sanding
  • Bodywork: Painting
  • Engine Overview
  • Motor Assembly: Heads
  • Motor Assembly: Lifters, Push Rods & Rockers
  • Motor Assembly: Intake & Valve Covers
  • Motor Assembly: Oil Pump & Oil Pan
  • Motor Assembly: Fuel Pump & Water Pump
  • Locating Engine & Transmission Mounts
  • Headliner Removal
  • Wiring Harness
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