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Brakes, Engine Vacuum and LED Lights Video Download


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Video Download: Brakes, Engine Vacuum and LED Lights

The single most popular upgrade to classic cars is improving the brake system. Understanding how each of the components work together in a braking system is key to making the right choices.

In this video, we’ll upgrade a braking system and discover the differences in braking when larger master cylinder bore sizes are used as well as larger diameter and dual diaphragm brake boosters.

Mark Simpson also demonstrates the process of syringe bleeding master cylinders and different methods of bleeding brake systems. We’ll also discuss the different functions of the brake system combination valve to understand exactly how it works as well as what brake fluids are best for classic cars and why.

Engine vacuum is created as an engine runs, but the quality of the engine vacuum produced can help you diagnose potential problems with an engine. We’ll show you first-hand how to connect an engine vacuum gauge and run a test. We’ll also discuss what different readings can indicate about our engine health.

LED replacement bulbs have become commonplace in the classic car marketplace. Simpson discusses some of the options available and the steps you’ll need to take for your system to operate properly.

Car enthusiasts have argued the merits of white LED taillights versus red LED taillights bulb. Those who state the white LED bulbs are better in taillights insist they’re just brighter… period. While those who claim red LED bulbs are better point out that the red taillight lens filters out much of the white light and all of the red LED light travels through. We decided to put it to the test.

Total run time on this Video Download is 48 minutes.

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