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Video Download: Exhaust Systems, Fluids & Acid Etching

Own a classic car long enough, and you’ll end up having to replace the exhaust system. Join Mark Simpson as he explains the process of installing a new Waldron’s stainless steel exhaust system on our project ’57 DeSoto.

He’ll explore the mounting process, clamping, exhaust hangers, pipe routing, and exhaust tips. As well as a few tips to help the installation go easier.

Exhaust pipes don’t always fit together as they should, often the mufflers are manufactured by a different source than the rest of the pipes and can be difficult to fit together. Simpson explains the use of a tail pipe expander and how it can be used to stretch pipe openings or fix damaged pipe ends.

Rusty cast iron exhaust manifolds or even master cylinders can be a distraction in a neatly detailed engine compartment. Simpson demonstrates how to freshen up the look of the cast iron parts with dry graphite spray that looks good and is easy to touch up.

Modern oils, fuels and fluids have changed over the years from when many of our classic cars were built. Simpson discusses many of these changes and how it is important to the life of your classic car to make the right choices when selecting which products to use in your car.

When restoring a classic car or building a custom car, there are always times when you need to create items that are no longer available or to create something that is totally unique to your car. Etching non-ferrous metals gives the car restorer many options to get creative with your classic. Mark Simpson takes us step-by-step through the process to create wheel center medallions, data plates, shift indicators and more. This is one sure way to set your car apart from the rest.

Total run time on this Video Download is 66 minutes.

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