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Finishing the Headliner, Carpet, Dashboard & Motor Download


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Video Download: Finishing the Headliner, Carpet, Dashboard & Motor

This information packed video download has you join Brent Ackley and George Vondriska again as they team up to take on a host of classic car restoration projects. This great video includes everything from installing a headliner to hanging a door, to starting and timing an engine and much, much more. It’s often said that restoring a car is actually a collection of many restored components, and the quality of the completed car is more of a reflection of the quality of the individual parts. 79 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Prepping a Headliner
  • Installing a Headliner
  • Bench Soldering Dashboard Components
  • Installing Dashboard Cluster
  • Installing Carpet
  • Installing Weather Stripping
  • Installing Door Windows
  • Hanging a Door
  • Hanging a Fender
  • Installing a Distributor
  • Distributor Hold Down
  • Installing a Carburetor
  • Installing Plug Wires
  • Priming the Oil Pump
  • Starting & Timing the Engine
  • Installing the Hood
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