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Form-A-Funnel Flexible Draining Tool 15" x 6"


Item: S3002J


Form-A-Funnel Flexible Draining Tool 15″ x 6″

The Form-A-Funnel easily molds, then holds its shape so you get every last drop of oil every time, no matter how obstructed the filter or plug.

Form-A-Funnel Features:

  • Molds into and holds any shape to create a leakproof channel for draining oil or fluid.
  • Thick, pliable nitrile rubber encases a thin layer of alloy to allow thousands of shapings
  • Highly-compatible nitrile resists common vehicle liquids in temperatures from 0 to 300 degrees F
  • Soft rubber edge forms a seal around filters or drains
  • Easily wipes clean with most cleaner and degreasers
  • Easy to store flat or rolled up in toolbox or glove compartment
  • Great for draining oil, gasoline and other fluids