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Video Download: Great Shop Projects & Tips

Knowing what tools to use, how to use them, and how to do it safely are keys to success when restoring a classic car. Cam Benty and Mark Oja share their insights, tips and tricks on a host of car restoration topics. You’ll see first-hand how to repair dents, fabricate sheet metal, safely jack up a car, using a hammer and dolly, prepare a surface for body filler, and much more. Benty and Oja cover many of the most common questions car enthusiasts have when making auto body repairs. 55 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Safe Jacking Tips and Tricks
  • Safe Jacking Points
  • Installing an Air Dam
  • Replacing Bolts on a Muscle Car
  • Fixing a Small Dent
  • Hammer and Dolly Work
  • Body Working Tools
  • Removing Paint for Dent Repair
  • Using a Uni-Spotter
  • Prepping for a Body Filler
  • Body Filler Application
  • Final Steps in Fixing a Dent
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • How to Use a Bead Roller
  • Skates
  • Sanding Supplies in Your Shop
  • Sheet Metal Shrinker/Stretcher
  • Using a Klecko to Join Sheet Metal Panels
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