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Loctite 5-Stick Kit




One of the most significant innovations in the 50-year history of Henkel Corporation – SOLID formula Loctite(R) Thread Treatment Sticks. Now conveniently packaged in a Loctite Stick kit designed to give you five products in one box. Upside down, right side up, or any angle in between, these Sticks deliver!

Kit Includes One of Each of the following items:

  • Loctite(R) Blue Threadlocker Stick 19gm
  • Loctite(R) Red Threadlocker Stick 19gm
  • Loctite(R) PST(R) Thread Sealant Stick 19gm
  • Loctite(R) Copper Anti-Seize Stick 20gm
  • Loctite(R) Silver Anti-Seize Stick 20gm
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