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Wixey Digital Calipers with Fractions




Wixey Digital Calipers with Fractions is a precision stainless steel caliper that displays measurements in inches with fractions or millimeters. The fractions are displayed using “precise fraction technology” which gives extremely accurate fraction readouts. This caliper is constructed of high-quality hardened and ground stainless steel components featuring a large easy-to-read display. The precision ground measuring faces allow for outside, inside, depth and step measurements. Battery is included. Also includes carrying case.


Measuring Length: 6 in. (155mm )

  • Decimal = .001 in.
  • Fraction = 1/64 in.
  • Metric = .05 mm
  • Accuracy:

  • Decimal = +/- .001 in.
  • Fraction = +/- 1/500 in.
  • Metric = +/- .05 mm
  • Battery: 6 months life; type CR2032 (included)

  • IN /MM
  • ON/OFF
  • ZERO
  • Auto shut off
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