Dennis Gage

AMC's 1970 Rebel Machine Up Close

Dennis Gage
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Duration:   7  mins

Many of the most radical factory street machines came out of the late ’60s and early ’70s, and the 1970 AMC Rebel Machine is no exception. We join Dennis Gage to check out Joey Lange’s extensive collection of classic iron, but more importantly, we take an up-close look at his stunning ’70 Rebel Machine.

While admittedly Lange started his classic car passion with rare MoPars, it quickly spread to include high-performance AMCs and other makes as well. The 390 cubic-inch engines drew Joey to the SC/Rambler and the Rebel Machine, and it being a factory-built drag car helped seal the deal. The one-year-only Rebel Machine had a high-powered engine and low production run of only 2,500—making it an instant collectable car.

The distinctive red, white, and blue color scheme of the Machine and unique massive hood scoop with built-in tachometer seem outrageous today, but it is what it took to get noticed with all of the wild factory offerings coming out of Detroit. The color scheme is carried into the no-nonsense, all-business interior.

With 345 horsepower under the hood, you know Dennis can’t resist getting behind the wheel of the classic street-pounding muscle car. Join Dennis on his test ride, where he proves the temptation is too strong to keep the tires from spinning.

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One Response to “AMC's 1970 Rebel Machine Up Close”


    The owner said that AMC did not make a big block. In Canada Amc had a big block 327cid in the Ambassador. Long stroke and it ran nice, smooth due to the long stroke and basically bullet proof. Worked for AMC from 1967 -1970. Drove the Scrambler, Javelin and AMX. All good tuff fast cars. Amc was my 1st job out of high school in 67.

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