Mark Simpson

Assembling New Radiator and Heater Hose

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   1  mins

Assembling a new radiator and heater hose can be difficult as the fresh rubber binds on fittings and resists sliding. Using a high-quality silicone lubricant can take the frustration out of assembly.

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One Response to “Assembling New Radiator and Heater Hose”

  1. John Crandall

    Been installing hoses with lube since 1960. However, working on 2002 Ford F350 back in 2003 with a plastic tank aluminum radiator with large heavy-Duty hose clamps, got a major surprise. Lubed the hoses, slid them on, put on those heavy-duty hose clamps, gave the hose a little tug to check the tightness, and it pulled off with no effort at all. Replaced the clamps with stainless screw clamps with the same results. Replaced those with super-duty t-bolt clamps, and again the same results. Had to clean all of the lube off the hoses and connectors in order to get the hoses to stay on any of the fittings. This was the case with all of the hoses that were attached to plastic connectors. Have since discovered over the last 17 years that it is the same with nearly all plastic connectors. The pressure in the system would have blown the hoses off. Check your connections before you walk away. I tried to put in my website, but your system wouldn't accept it,

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