Mark Simpson

Bending Brake Lines and Creating Inverted Flares on Brake Tubing

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   6  mins

Cutting, bending, and creating inverted flares on brake lines is a necessary skill when building a classic car. Mark Simpson takes us through the process step by step so you’ll be prepared to build your own custom brake lines.

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4 Responses to “Bending Brake Lines and Creating Inverted Flares on Brake Tubing”

  1. Leon Ahronian

    excellent demonstration. I will try next

  2. George Castañeda

    Would like to see

  3. Larry Dubis

    Good info. Would have liked to see additional comment on measuring tubing prior to bendin g to ensure your bend ends up where it is intended to be. i.e. if a 2 inch straight section is required before a 90 degree bend, how do you set up bender to ensure it forms tubing at right location to meet the 2 inch requirement. Thanks - Larry

  4. Chuck Holmes

    Pocket knives, utility knives all are good for deburring. But if you look at the tubing/pipe cutter, most have a blade that will swing out like the blade on a pocket knife which will probably be much safer to use vs. a knife.

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