Bending Brake Lines and Creating Inverted Flares on Brake Tubing

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Duration: 6:00

Cutting, bending, and creating inverted flares on brake lines is a necessary skill when building a classic car. Mark Simpson takes us through the process step by step so you’ll be prepared to build your own custom brake lines.

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4 Responses to “Bending Brake Lines and Creating Inverted Flares on Brake Tubing”

  1. Chuck Holmes

    Pocket knives, utility knives all are good for deburring. But if you look at the tubing/pipe cutter, most have a blade that will swing out like the blade on a pocket knife which will probably be much safer to use vs. a knife.

  2. Larry Dubis

    Good info. Would have liked to see additional comment on measuring tubing prior to bendin g to ensure your bend ends up where it is intended to be. i.e. if a 2 inch straight section is required before a 90 degree bend, how do you set up bender to ensure it forms tubing at right location to meet the 2 inch requirement. Thanks – Larry