Brake Line Planning

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Duration:   1  mins

Looking for some guidance when it comes to brake lines? Here’s a quick video tip to help you plan out, measure, cut, and bend brake lines for your car.

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3 Responses to “Brake Line Planning”

  1. James Hoffman

    after you remove the old fuel line in a 1968 Buick gran sport how do yo put the new ones back in with the body on?

    • Customer Service

      Hello James,

      Sometimes the manufacturers installed items like fuel lines during the assembly process, that are later difficult to replace later. In the case of your fuel line, I would simply relocate it close to the original locations, making sure that it was properly secured to the frame rails (you may need to add line clamps that are bolted tight to the frame). and keep it away from moving parts or excessive heat.

      Wrench Safe,
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