Classic Car Restoration Club Editors

CCRC LIVE! October 2019

Classic Car Restoration Club Editors
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Duration:   1 mins

Managing Editor Mark Simpson and special guest Ross Kiehl spent an hour answering viewer questions regarding car repair, maintenance and restoration.

Share tips, start a discussion or ask one of our experts or other students a question.

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3 Responses to “CCRC LIVE! October 2019”

  1. jim

    installing a 3/4 in. t&g oak in bed of my .68 c10. bed good on rust, has sprayed in liner . have planed boards sanding now. ?can i spray auto clear finish.

  2. Duker

    I bought a older custom car, body work was done in 1952 on a fat fender car, some of the filled in seams are cracking through paint done by a stick welder...What to do? Should I use seam sealer to give it more support under all the panels that were welded ? This is on a 1942 Hudson w/a pancake hood, custom dash, rear fender seams filled in... thanks for your help...

  3. Bill Bechard

    How do I put power brakes on a 1967/Mustang with standard disc brakes .

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