CCRC LIVE! September 2020

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Duration:   1  hrs 6  mins

Watch Classic Car Restoration Club’s LIVE Q&A! Mark and Gary Simpson answered questions about how to get rid of rust, how to properly upholster and how to spot a beautiful car with a seedy underbelly.

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2 Responses to “CCRC LIVE! September 2020”

  1. Kevin

    Should you treat bate metal with phosphoric acid after welding or stripping? Also, with new fenders should you sand them prior to painting?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Kevin,

      We do not recommend using phosphoric acid in this manner.
      Most commonly it is used to remove rust and is an ingredient in products like Naval Jelly rust remover.
      If it is not completely removed it can lead to problems with paint adhesion.
      Phosphate washes like Iron Phosphate or Zinc Phosphate are commonly used by sandblasters to prevent “Flash Rust” from forming until the item can be primed.
      The best solution is to clean and prime bare metal shortly after exposing it to air… we suggest either Epoxy or Self-Etch Primer.

      Classic Car Restoration Club

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