CCRC LIVE! September 2021

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Duration:   59  mins

Mark and Ross are back to answer viewer questions! Make sure to meet up with us on our most current LIVE Q&A to get your questions answered LIVE.

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9 Responses to “CCRC LIVE! September 2021”


    I building 383. I am trying to prime the oil pump on the long block. The pump spins fast enough but oil only comes out oil pressure hole and the back of block two rocker arms and oil is gushing back up through priming shaft/distributor hole. The engine spins freely by hand. Small traces of oil reach the front lip of the pan. Any ideas what is the problem.
    causing oil not to reach the other rockers?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Richard,

      Here’s what the experts had to say about your question:

      I have a few first thoughts reading this, so bear with me as I try to determine what’s going on with your engine.
      You mentioned that oil was coming out the pressure hole… If you are referring to the hole where the oil pressure sending unit attaches, this hole should be plugged while priming the engine otherwise there will be insufficient pressure to oil the rest of the engine. When priming a 383 Mopar engine it is important to have the drill rotating in a counter-clockwise direction. The passages through the cam journals need to be lined up to feed each bank so it is best to rotate (with a wrench) the crankshaft slowly or in 90-degree increments during priming.

      Classic Car Restoration Club Expert

  2. Michael Cairy

    Replacing outer rocker panels ona Studebaker. What do you recommend for costing of the inner rocker, the inside of the outer rocker panel and the outer rocker? I was planning in using weld thru primer on the edges where I’d be spot welding. Thanks!

  3. Mario Andreoli

    Hi do you have a video on finding number one TDC for setting for timing?

    Also how to adjust timing?

    If not, maybe you can discuss tonight.

  4. Terry Wright

    I have a 1978 Trans Am, am I required to grow a mullet in order to drive it around town?

  5. Ralph Merrow Jr

    I have a 1951 Ford sdn. that has been converted to 12 Volts. How is that done? The original radio doesn’t work too good.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Ralph,

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