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Mark Simpson
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Duration:   5  mins

We love to drive our classic cars, and while the classic car audio can seem nostalgic, on a long drive it can leave you yearning for more. For decades the solution was to simply pull out your old classic car audio and somehow fit a brand new radio into the factory opening. Many good dashboards have been ruined with shabby audio installations, and the end result never looked very good.

Thankfully Custom Autosound recognized the problem and has created a line of modern radios that look like the factory originals. We upgraded our project ’68 Oldsmobile Cutlass with the Model USA-740. This AM/FM radio has built in Bluetooth, 300 watts of power, USB input, flash drive connector, front mini jack, selectable screen color, and the screen even displays station/song/artist information, all in a package that appears right out of 1968.

To complete our audio upgrade we’ll install a set of Custom Autosound kick panel speakers, that prove to be a nice addition and surround us in music. Like any well done classic car improvement the end result was a great sounding modern audio system that looks like it came from the factory that way.

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