Mark Simpson

Classic Car Tools: Marking Sockets

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   1 mins

Older sockets and wrenches often use small type to designate size, making them difficult to read in dim light or with aging eyes. Here’s a tip to put the right tool in your hands a little faster.

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3 Responses to “Classic Car Tools: Marking Sockets”

  1. Roger

    Once you engrave them paint the engraving. You can use any color you like. Also some fuel proof decals work well too (like used for gas R/C planes).

  2. Keven Coates

    While I really appreciate the information from this website overall, some of the teaching here is pretty amateur. This one is the worst. While marking things is a great idea, a sharpie is a very temporary solution at best. After one use most of these marks will be gone. Give us something we can use please.

  3. Guy

    As soon as you get a little oil on there the Sharpie markings disappear. I've tried engraving with an engraving pen as well. Permanent but still hard to read.

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