Brent Ackley & George Vondriska

Drum to Disc Brake Conversion on a Chevy Classic Car

Brent Ackley & George Vondriska
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Duration:   3  mins

Brent Ackley and George Vondriska do a drum to disc brake conversion upgrade review in this Classic Car video. Instead of buying each part one at a time, they recommend using a catalog and then buying a brake conversion kit that is complete with all the parts specific to the car you are working on. 

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3 Responses to “Drum to Disc Brake Conversion on a Chevy Classic Car”

  1. J. L. Hickman

    When converting a '60 Chevrolet BelAir from factory drums in front to front disc brakes, is it necessary to move the master cylinder clevis up/down on the brake pedal? I did this conversion on a '57 chevrolet and had to move it down almost an inch, but I don't know if that holds true for the '60. The CPP kit that I got has no 'how to' at all.

  2. Pablo

    you can't move a primary Tumlbr blog wiotuht deleting the account, but what about a secondary blog? I have two accounts, one that I use and one that I just started. I don't use the primary blog on the old one, but I do use a secondary b

  3. Nabeel

    I bought this book for my son who is not rllaey experienced but knows some about how to weld and has worked welding for a plumber for a short time. He got interested in the craft so I thought I would help him because he wanted to build small pieces of furniture out of scraps that was available to him. He said this book was too elementary and didn't cover all aspects that he was hoping for. He wanted to know more about welding for design and how to correct problem areas and it wasn't covered in this book.

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