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Duration:   3  mins

Join Dennis Gage and Benny LeCompte of MMLJ Dustless Blasting as they examine the history of media blasting and the processes that have been created to remove rust while avoiding warped metal. They’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of soda blasting, as well as the current best practices to achieve a “perfect surface.” They’ll also examine new blasting materials like recycled bottle glass and how to use them properly.

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4 Responses to “Dustless Blasting”

  1. KEITH

    I had this done on my Mack Truck. It's more environmentally friendly, and no "sand dust", but it still make a plume of vapor that contains the paint and water and...etc. The plume may drift 50 ft. And when the process is completed and dry, the glass and debris still hide in every nook and cranny (like sandblasting). It's better than sandblasting, but it's still a mess.

  2. Thomas

    I would be interested in this equipment for my auto body class at Lookout Valley Middle high school.

  3. Dennis N

    We have been using Soda blasting since 1980”s in Ontario Canada on Electrical Transformers made in Canada.

  4. Danny

    How long before you have to paint?

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