Mark Simpson

Exhaust Pipe Expander

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   3  mins

Exhaust pipes don’t always fit together as they should—often the mufflers are manufactured by a different source than the rest of the pipes and can be difficult to fit together. Mark Simpson explains the use of an exhaust pipe expander and how it can be used to stretch pipe openings or fix damaged pipe ends.

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5 Responses to “Exhaust Pipe Expander”

  1. klaus griffis

    i hate to say this,but this does not work unless the pipe/muffler is just slightly deformed. it will reround it but that is about it. i have never been able to enlarge a pipe even just a few thousands.

  2. Ralph

    Mark, what is the brand of hi-pressure grease you recommend. Thanks Ralph.

  3. klaus

    i have some of those "expanders". unless one is just trrying to round up a pipe because it was deformed, those things are useless. they will not "expand" a pipe like a hydraulic one would.

  4. Carl T. E. JONES

    I did not see anything on using the pipe expander in all 6+ minutes ?

  5. John

    This video showed an overview of the installation of a new, complete exhaust system under a project vehicle. And, while it was a good overview, I didn't see any discussion of the use of an exhaust pipe expander, as suggested by the video title and description. Is it possible that the wrong video file is being linked to the title/description?

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