Father/Son Classic Car Projects

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Duration: 8:17

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Every car person has a story of their journey in the hobby, and for most this story begins at home assisting their father or an older sibling making car repairs or modifications. There is no shortage of father/mother + son/daughter duos at many large car events, and in large part it’s these traditions that keep our hobby going and growing even today. But like these enthusiasts every car has its story as well, of its journey to the state it is in today. But sometimes these father/son teams bring new life into some great rides to fuel each other’s passion for classic car projects.

Recently at a large car event we had the pleasure of meeting up with Dale and Thor Sohlstrom, a father/son duo who are committed to the car hobby and the pursuit of building safe and reliable classic car projects. Dale’s ’64 Chevrolet Carryall was discovered in Colorado, far from the salt lined roads of Minnesota, and although the body was solid it was blessed with a leopard print interior and its share of deferred maintenance.

Always ready for an adventure, Dale didn’t trailer this ride home, he spent 16-hours getting the ride road ready before turning the key and driving the 900-plus miles home. After getting it home and making some repairs another enthusiast wanted it more than Dale wanted to keep it. After he sold the truck it changed owners a couple more times until Dale once again had a chance to buy it back. Today Dale refers to it as his “Go To Rig”, used for shows, towing, cruise nights, etc. Including trips to Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, and numerous family trips.

It’s Dale’s passion for not only owning classic cars but “Really” driving them that has also fueled his son Thor’s passion for classic cars as well. Thor is no stranger to the road either and with the family piled into the ‘54 Pontiac Station Wagon they have clocked thousands of mostly trouble free miles.

The Sohlstroms admit that when they travel together, it’s Thor’s original paint and patina ride that seems to catch a lot of attention. But if you see either of these great rides, don’t pass up the chance to check them out and hear the “Full Story.”