Project Car Buying Advice

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Duration:   5  mins

Buying a car to restore may not be as stressful as looking for a new project car, but there are still important aspects to look for. Brent Ackley tells you what areas to examine to get the finished product you desire depending on how much money you want to spend and the amount of time you’re willing to put in.

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One Response to “Project Car Buying Advice”

  1. Ralph Merrow Jr

    All well and good if you have people like you two who can do the work if it can’t be done by yourself. Me I prefer to shop around for a completed vehicle is what I did. I bought a 1951 Ford 2dr Custom 1000 miles from me just by looking at the ad and talking to the owner. Being not a mechanic this was the best route for me and I am highly satisfied and would do it again.

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