How to Sandblast a Car Wheel

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Duration:   2  mins

Brent Ackley has taken a wheel off the El Camino and will scale the rust out to get it ready to prime and paint. He goes over several different kinds of sandblasters and also covers the different types of media that can be used to blast. Use these helpful tips to sandblast a wheel.

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5 Responses to “How to Sandblast a Car Wheel”

  1. Kid Rust

    After you sand blast the wheel, how do you get the tiny grains of sand out of that little cirumferential seam in the stamped steel wheels? They all have them as far as I know. Your done now, but how do you mask off the tire and valve stem so the repaint doesn’t look amateur. Also, the paint doesn’t want to go into the previous mentioned seam. The blast of air seems like pushes the paint back out in your direction.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Kid,

      Every car restorer does things different, and while I prefer to take the tires and valve stems off the wheel before blasting/painting, I have seen others like Brent who leave the tires and valve stems mounted.

      Compressed air works great for cleaning the media out of the seams, but sometimes they get packed in and a piece of wire will loosen them up.

      Masking tape will stick to cleaned tires and valve stems, but as I mentioned earlier it may be quicker to haul them to the local filling station and have the tires unmounted.

      Wrench Safe,

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  2. William Lugg

    If you’re using silica sand to blast with, I would STRONGLY recommend using a quality respirator instead of the cheap paper face mask he showed in the video. Not using sufficient protection will leave you with silicosis, a disease that will end your life early. Spend a little money on a good respirator to protect against that eventuality.

    Just a thought.

  3. Anthony Torreano

    After sandblasting what is the recommendation for primer and paint that will take the abuse of lugnuts and hubcaps? This would be valuable info.

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