Filling a Dent

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Duration:   12:56   mins

Cars get dented, even classic cars. We’ll go step-by-step through the process of filling a dent, from proper surface preparation to filler application to final sanding. When done right, no one will ever know you made the repair.

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6 Responses to “Filling a Dent”

  1. Robert

    How do you know how much hardener to use? It seems like a lot of “by guess and by golly” To much and you are not able to spread it correctly. And I’ve always wondered if it cures correctly with to little. I see you use Sharkbite, most places sell Bondo. Is one better than the other?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Robert,

      Most guys starting out use way too much hardener.
      Most Body fillers recommend a 1-inch long ribbon of hardener for every golf ball size amount of filler.
      I tend to use a little less hardener on my hobby cars but I am seldom in a rush.

      Hardener is corrosive and if excess hardener is present, it migrates inward toward the steel.
      This can potentially weaken the fillers bond to the metal or even produce rust beneath the filler.
      After mixing up more filler than you care to remember, you’ll be able to quickly determine the mix you like best.
      Body filler will cure even with a small amount of hardener but, you’ll want to keep cure times reasonable. I like the body filler to start setting up in about 5-minutes.

      My favorite body fillers are Crest Sharkbite and 3M Premium lightweight, but have used Rage Gold, Rage Extreme, 3M Bondo, Martin Senior, and many others.
      Some sand easier, some clog the paper less, some feather nicer, etc. etc. and I am never afraid to try something new, as Body fillers are always evolving.
      They are all very similar, and many would be hard pressed to tell the difference between them.
      I know many guys who have a strong preference for one or another, my advice is to try a few and find one you like.

      Wrench Safe,

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      • Robert

        Thank you for a good response. This is great information that will help me alot with body filler as I start a big project.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Walter,

      I like this board as it just lasts forever. I have had this one for over 10-years of heavy use and it works today as well as it did when it was new.
      It is a 3M sanding board and here is the details:
      3M Stikit Hand File Board #05444
      It is available through many online sources as well as auto body supply stores.

      Wrench Safe,
      Mark CCRC Video Membership

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