Cam Benty

"Getting a Grip" on Your Muscle Car

Cam Benty
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Duration:   4  mins

Cam Benty takes you for a ride in a 1968 327 automatic Camaro and teaches you about numerous aspects of the car that can help you “get a grip” on your own muscle car. He suggests changing the suspension to performance mode through Hotchkis performance for both racing and safety purposes.

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3 Responses to “"Getting a Grip" on Your Muscle Car”

  1. James

    I saw the first video, then below the Classic Car customer service provides details for the upgrades. But that appears to be part 3. So part 2 where Hotchkis actually does the upgrades is missing.

  2. Jim Babb

    What did they do???

  3. Joe

    How do you get to see the whole video ?

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