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How to Rebuild Hood Hinges

Classic Car Restoration Club Editors
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Duration:   15  mins

Often overlooked during many restorations, the process to rebuild and recoat hood hinges is fairly straightforward. Mark Simpson demonstrates how to safely remove hood hinge springs, tighten worn hinges, and phosphate-coat them in the same manner as the factory.

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6 Responses to “How to Rebuild Hood Hinges”

  1. Bill Rosen

    After watching the video I rebuilt my 1969 Firebird hinges. Wow! What a difference. I have also started using the chemicals to treat other parts. Thank you.

  2. Danny

    What about cast iron door hinges?

  3. jim terrill

    On restoring a 55 Chev. I replaced the hood hinges. The springs furnished were not strong enough to hold hood up. I ordered new springs, installed and after a few openings they fail to hold hood up. Are stronger springs available?

  4. Rusty

    I understand how the zinc phosphate plating on hinges, requires a nonferrous bucket so as not to waste plating the pot itself; but rather than aluminum, why not a cheap plastic bucket?

  5. alexander

    for some reason i cannot videos ! some help please !!

  6. John Sterkel

    Does the mixture have a shelf life to reuse later?

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