Introduction to Glass Cutting

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Duration:   14  mins

In this introduction to glass cutting, master glass cutter Jim Lundquist shows and explains many of the common tools used to remove and install glass in classic cars.

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7 Responses to “Introduction to Glass Cutting”

  1. David Dare

    VERY disappointed. No mention of cost of materials like urethane, how to clean and prime the body AND the glass before installing. No mention that a propane torch can heat a vent window enough to simply pull the glass out of the stainless frame. Instead, you show a tool that is superfluous. Cat whiskers are sometimes RIVETED using real brass rivets, not aluminum pop rivets. Let’s SEE him set glass.

  2. John Erbes

    Where was the glass cutting? All I saw was how to remove glass. I’d like to know how to cut a laminated windshield down to fit a smaller frame.

  3. Mark

    They didn’t discuss tempered glass, most cars and all recent cars have safety glass and it must be cut before it is tempered

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    • Fede

      This book seems to be some marketing ploy aimed at skmmiing any $$$ they can off the Monster Garage name. One would think that with that title you would be getting some good information from Mr Jesse James or at least someone remotely related to the show. This is not the case. It appears that the publishers bought some guys book titled Performance Race Car and Aircraft Frames By A Guy That Hates MIG Welders , threw in some pics and graphics from the Monster Garage show and tossed it on the market to rake in those Monster Garage bucks.Let’s simply examine the title:Monster Garage- Nothing really remotely to do with the Monster Garage. A bit at the front end, but nothing really to do with welding done on the show.How To Weld- Actually very little in the way of constructive instruction on the actual process of welding.Damn Near Anything- Well, as long as you are talking about race car chassis or airplane frames and then there is very little even on that.The book boils down to this- You suck unless you TIG weld everything.If you are a neophyte looking for good basic instruction then this is not the book for you. If you like pictures that really have nothing to do with actually welding, hey, this might be your cup of tea.

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