Making Holes in Car Floor Carpet

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Duration:   2  mins

Cutting perfectly round fray-free holes in carpet is a lot easier than you might think. Mark Simpson demonstrates a quick tip to help your next carpet installation project go much more smoothly.

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9 Responses to “Making Holes in Car Floor Carpet”

  1. Dick

    That’s a great idea for round holes. I’ve used a cheap pencil-type soldering iron in a similar fashion to make various shaped holes in carpets. Like the heated-up socket, it cuts through like butter. I’ve also run the soldering iron along a carpet edge effectively cauterizing it to keep it from fraying.

  2. John Gurnig

    Nice tip except for using a lighter to light the propane torch. That’s a dangerous thing to do. One should ALWAYS use a striker to light any torch.

  3. Marty

    You can use anything that is the size you want. You don’t have to use an old socket, but the extra mass of the socket walls will hold the heat a bit longer.

  4. cHuck Holmes

    Or the right size punch with a lead weight behind it when you use a hammer. Also leave bolts screws etc… in carpet and headlining when fitting carpet or headliner. Use tips of fingers to feel for screws and make a small snip on head of screw to expose and remove to install visors etc… Use chalk on carpet to mark location for where hole is to be cut, burned or whatever to make hiole.

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  5. Chuck Lindenberg

    That was a great tip. Something I never would have thought of. So simple, yet looks like its the best way to make a hole. Keep up the good work guys.

    • Jim

      Thanks I have always struggled with making holes in carpet.
      Very good information. I have some holes to cut in the carpet of my 55 Chev. Will use this

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