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Mobile Blasting Business

Classic Car Restoration Club Editors
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Duration:   4  mins

Benny LeCompte of MMLJ returns to the garage to explore with Dennis Gauge the business opportunities that have been created with the introduction of their Dustless Blasting System. Their system uses environmentally safe ground glass and water to make short work out of tough blasting projects. But the possibilities don’t end there, as Dustless Blasting is needed in Equipment, Boat Owners, and even to remove graffiti from brick buildings. Dennis can’t resist seeing this process first hand and offers up his F150 and in less than an hour the old truck was paint free. LeCompte explains how everyone who inquires about the blasting system is not a buyer but they do need the service, and these leads are share with Dustless Blasting business owners in the area.

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6 Responses to “Mobile Blasting Business”

  1. Guy lewis

    I want to know more about the mobile blasting business

  2. Steven Cameron

    What does it do to the glass and chrome you left on the truck?

  3. Josey Vincent Phillips

    Would you please send me more information about the units operation and the business opportunity it represents. I am recently retired and I would like to start a new company that I can do the work by myself. Thanks, Vince .

  4. robert bell

    info to purchase the blaster?

  5. Henk Ruisch

    Where stay the bondo paint rest and so on? Into the grond? You have to clean up the surrounding of the vehicle?.


    anybody know where I can rent a dustless blaster in mid Maryland?

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