Craig Hopkins

Removing the Emergency Brake Cable from a Car

Craig Hopkins
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Duration:   1  mins

Craig Hopkins quickly teaches you how to use a clamp and a rubber mallet to remove an emergency brake cable from its holding in the floor of a car body.

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5 Responses to “Removing the Emergency Brake Cable from a Car”

  1. tom

    That's an excellent tip for the beginner. IF the brake cable is being replaced it doesn't matter if you destroy the cable or not. I just take a screwdriver & twist & break off the three fingers. It doesn't matter. BUT DON'T do it until the new cable to replace it fits & looks proper.

  2. Joe Fosko

    Great tip! Another way is to slip a closed end wrench over the fingers and tap the cable out. Just Incase small hose clamps hide like 10mm sockets in your garage too.

  3. stephen

    3rd time I have seen this or a version of this one in about a YEAR . Getting old guys !!

  4. Mikie

    This is a great idea that I will use from now on!. I have fought those fingers for years. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Stevie

    WOW, die Karte ist wunderschön! Diese tollen zarten Farben, mit denen Du das Motiv coloriert hast, finde ich total klGers!LaAndsea

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