Craig Hopkins

Review and Using Weld Through Primer

Craig Hopkins
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Duration:   1  mins

Craig Hopkins gives a review of his preferred weld through primer – Medallions rubberseal RS512. He claims this is the best weld through primer he has ever used despite what others say. See how to apply a thin coat to the bottom of the panel.

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4 Responses to “Review and Using Weld Through Primer”

  1. simshome4u

    I have tried Eastwood and SEM weld thru primers. All instructions say to apply primer and then grind to bare metal where the welds are to be. I've tried to weld thru these weld thru primers and it doesn't work. Is Medallion that much better or is something being left out? What changes need to be made to welder settings?

  2. virgil

    I can't find the Medallion Rubber seal 512 anywhere do you know where to purchase it from

  3. Martin

    No video

  4. Steve Harclerode

    Rubber seal products have been the best products ever. I’ve been using their primer and cleats for over twenty yrs now!!

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