Mark Simpson

Custom Autosound - Secretaudio SST-V Radio

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   16  mins

When driving your classic car there are sometimes when you want all the features of a modern audio system but don’t want to give up your original factory radio, or perhaps building that traditional early hot rod and any radio would look out of place. Thankfully the folks at Custom Autosound have a great solution to get the job done. Their Secretaudio SST-V radio has all the features you’re looking for including AM/FM, Bluetooth, Flash drive/USB, Satellite ready and 200 watts of power, all in a package that remains unseen once installed. Join Mark Simpson as he adds this new system to our project ’57 and is able to keep the factory radio to power its factory record player. This is one upgrade that delivers every time you head down the road.

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One Response to “Custom Autosound - Secretaudio SST-V Radio”

  1. DaBomb

    Wow. This guy should not be making how-to videos. Looks like a cool product despite the long winded explanation.

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