Mark Simpson

Self-Etching Primer

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   3  mins

The key to getting paint to stick to bare metal is all in the metal prep and using the right primers. Self-etching primer contains a mild acid that actually etches the bare metal to create a superior bond between the primer and the metal. Once the area is coated in self-etching primer, more traditional primers can be used to build out the surface.

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5 Responses to “Self-Etching Primer”

  1. Gabriel

    Hi Mark. I look forward to your videos every week and always seem to learn something new. My question: If I apply a zinc phosphate coating on my bare metal (such as After Blast by Eastwood), can I still use a self-etching primer over top of it? Thanks.

  2. cedric murphy

    what grade sandpaper is needed to sand paint that's already on the car for repainting once the sanding has been done do the car have to be primed before painting

  3. William

    Hi What’s the next step after selfech priming ? Can we go ahead and start adding are first coat or will we need som other type of regular primer ?

  4. bloodybill

    Is it better to apply body filler before or after self etching primer? Will self etching primer work correctly over body filler?

  5. Rick

    Mark, I've got some bare metal panels that I've been working on but won't actually get to base coat painting for quite some time (probably months or up to a year). Is the self etching primer something I can spray on to protect it from rust and leave it until I'm finally ready down the road to apply the high build primer?

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