Mark Simpson

Syringe Bleeding a Master Cylinder

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   5  mins

In the past, bench bleeding a master cylinder was often a slow and sometimes messy process that often left you unsure if you actually purged all the air out. The process has become vastly faster and easier with the advent of syringe bleeding. Mark Simpson demonstrates how to syringe bleed a master cylinder using a kit from Master Power Brakes and high-quality DOT3 brake fluid.

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2 Responses to “Syringe Bleeding a Master Cylinder”

  1. Mike chewey

    Not fully explained. The brake lines sitting aside will not introduce air when hooked up? I went from feeling confident about install to having more questions.

  2. nwintfeld

    Why not get 2 short lengths of brake line and attach a check valve (like the ones used to bleed wheel cylinders) and a fitting to fit the master cylinder port. You could then avoid all the plugging and unplugging and the associated mess you get from spilled brake fluid.

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