Terry Wright

What to Look For at a Car Show

Terry Wright
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For as long as there have been cars, there have been gatherings of car enthusiasts who appreciate those cars. As history has it, the first large car show was held in 1901, but car events and gatherings likely even predate that. Today local cruise nights and weekend car shows can draw hundreds of great-looking classic cars.

But in seemingly endless rows of bright paint and shiny chrome, there are always a few that stand out above all others. However, which car stands out the most is clearly up to the viewer. On many occasions while attending car shows, I have heard people claim different cars at a show to be the best one there. But is there a key to picking out the best rides at an event? Perhaps, or maybe it all depends on your personal perspective.

Whether your favorites are a particular year, make, or model of car, or if it has some other meaning to you like your first car, your favorite color, the cool car in high school—the list can be endless. But perhaps that is the allure of the car show: there is something for everyone.

Mark Simpson joined up with Terry Wright at a local cruise night and took the opportunity to find out exactly what a professional paint and body guy looks for when he attends a car show. Wright explains that he first looks for straight bodies and excellent panel fit. As he states, you know the owner has invested time and money in the ride if the car is arrow straight. He enjoys looking down the entire body side and examining the straightness by studying the reflections. If the body is straight, almost always the paint is going to be there as well. Take the time to study the cars at your next car show as you are bound to discover some real gems.

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