What to Bring to a Classic Car Show

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Duration: 7:31

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Attending a classic car show can often involve a lot of projects in getting your car cleaned, polished, detailed and ready, but don’t overlook a few items that will help you enjoy your time at the event even more and eliminate some pesky annoyances.

Join Mark Simpson as he takes a look at what to bring to a classic car show as he takes our project 1957 DeSoto to its first major car show, with a showing at the Midwest MoPars “MoPar’s in the Park” car show. Held just outside of St. Paul, MN, this gathering of MoPar’s brings out thousands of the Midwest’s best and celebrates all things MoPar from the birth of Chrysler to today’s modern muscle cars and everything in-between.

In deciding what to bring to a classic car show, the easy stuff to remember is to clean and detail your car’s body, engine and interior, but making the most of your time at the event often involves a few commonly forgotten details. Simpson shares some of his common sense simple items that are simply must-haves at most events.

Mark keeps a special zip-lock bag of “Judged Show” supplies in the trunk of his car, as you may not need them at every car event but when you do, you’re sure glad you have them. Items like scotch/masking tape come in handy at events when you need to display a show registration card in the windshield. It is important to place this item where everyone can see it, but if you tuck it under the wiper blade it can be obscured or even blow away making it impossible for anyone to vote for your car.

Unless it’s raining, placing your registration card inside on the dashboard is also a bad choice as they can still move around or become difficult to see. Using a few small pieces of tape will get your registration card mounted high and visible on the windshield and it won’t blow away.

This is just one of the great tips and ideas Simpson shares in this video on what to bring to a classic car show that is certain to assist you in making the most of your next car show outing.