Mark Simpson & Ross Kiehl

Wheel Torque Extension Kit for Your Classic Car

Mark Simpson & Ross Kiehl
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Duration:   2  mins

George Vondriska introduces you to the combination impact wrench and wheel torque extension, which ranges from 55 pounds of torque to 140 pounds of torque. You will learn how to get a perfectly consistent torque throughout by using a cross pattern technique.

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3 Responses to “Wheel Torque Extension Kit for Your Classic Car”

  1. Kevin Koelz

    Stick with a torque wrench. Not worth the liability if the torque extension is off.

  2. Al Berndt

    The best place for these extensions is leave them at the parts house. Had four new tires mounted on '03 PT Cruiser and developed a rubbing type noise that was real noticible as you pulled up to a light. Thinking that the shoes or pads were in bad shape, I started looking. The lug nuts were so tight that I had to literally jump on the end of an 18" breaker bar to loosen them. I weigh over 200 pounds. These puppies were that tight!!! Forget the "torque limiters" and stick to the torque wrench. I found the shoes and pads were in great shape, so I put the wheels back on--by hand torquing. Guess what--no more noise. The car drove and sounded like it should have, and did before the tire shop got ahold of it.

  3. Jim Lively

    How do i order the Wheel Torque extension Kit?

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