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Door Skin Therapy

“The truth often lies beneath the surface and is not revealed until you scrape away the layers.” As work progressed on one of our project cars, we realized no truer words had ever been spoken. We chose to remove the old paint chemically, as rust was minimal and we did not want to risk warping…

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New Life for an Old Hemi

Having built my share of street rods and customs over the years, I’ll be the first to admit my engine of choice was most often a small-block Chevrolet. Its compact size, availability of inexpensive performance parts, and power potential made it an easy choice. These simple facts make it the go-to choice for thousands of…

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Engine Vacuum Troubleshooting

Years ago, a good friend introduced me to using a vacuum gauge to diagnose engine problems, in-fact it was often the first tool he would reach for when confronted with a poorly running engine. I’ll admit to being a little skeptical at first, but over the years I have become convinced that engine vacuum is…

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Tips for Choosing Steering System Components

Often the result of any classic car build is reflected not in the components selected, but rather in the quality of the products used to connect them. The greatest battery in the world is no better than the cables that deliver the power. Similarly, when it comes to steering components, a trick steering column and…

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Modern LED Lighting for Classic Cars

Building a custom or classic car often includes a mix of time-tested performance and appearance improvements, matched with the latest technology has to offer. An advancement we were excited to see was the introduction of LED (light emitting diode) lighting for cars and trucks. LEDs are nothing new, but the application in automotive use is…

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